Care Sheet

What do I need for my pet gerbil?
Once you have decided on a gerbil as your pet you should have all the supplies necessary before bringing him home. Having all the items a gerbil will need for his home will help ensure you have a happy and healthy pet.

This care sheet will guide you in having everything you need. Remember, gerbils are chewers so choose his supplies accordingly.

A glass aquarium tank with wire mesh cover, small animal cage, or tube cage like CritterTrail can all make an excellent home for gerbils. You should have at least a ten gallon tank or cage for a pair of gerbils. Bigger is always better for your pets home, so go with the largest size possible.

Bedding for the bottom of the cage.

Tunnels and tubes for playing and exploring.

Play areas with sloping ramps and a climbing branch.

A variety of toys that can be changed periodically.

An exercise wheel.

Cardboard for chewing. Paper towel and toilet paper rolls work very well.

A nesting box and unscented toilet paper for use as nesting material.

Stoppered water bottle.

Heavy ceramic bowl for food.

Food, Treats, and Supplements

Commercial food mixes usually have all the essential nutrients a gerbil needs.

Treats for your gerbil. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, or commercial pet treats.

A vitamin supplement to ensure your pet has a well balanced diet.

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