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To make sure your pet gerbil is healthy supply him with the most nutritious foods available. Foods include commercial mixes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and, of course, water. A varied diet will be enjoyed by your pet, but be sure to introduce new foods gradually. Below are some of the many foods you can feed your gerbil.

A commercial food mix is excellent for a gerbil’s primary food. Most should have all the nutritional requirements for a healthy pet.

Oats, millet, wheat, cereal, and dry pasta make a wonderful addition to you pet’s diet. Live mealworms, crickets, nuts, seeds and timothy hay and/or alfalfa can also be given as a food to gerbils. They are also an additional source of protein which is lacking in some pet foods.

Treats should only be a small part of your gerbil’s diet. There is a wide variety of commercial treats available that will be greatly enjoyed by your pet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be given as treats. Gerbil’s like carrots, celery, peas, cucumbers, string beans, apples, pears, cooked potato, bananas, and plain popcorn.

Avoid spinach, lettuce and citrus fruits since some can be harmful to gerbils. Make sure all fruits and vegetables are washed before feeding them to your gerbil and only feed small portions to prevent leftover food from rotting.

Even though gerbils do not drink a lot of water, they need a steady source of water or can become dehydrated. A small stoppered water bottle is a perfect way to supply your pet with water.

Although most foods will have all the nutrients needed for gerbils, some gerbils are picky and will only eat their favorite foods. To ensure a balanced diet, a vitamin and mineral supplement that can be added to a gerbil’s water is an easy solution.

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